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You can choose between the standard license and the premium license and test with a 14 days money-back guarantee. You will especially benefit from the instant notification of matching transport enquiries via email which is included in the premium license. That way you will safe time as you will not have to search interesting transport enquiries manually. The instant notification by email of matching transport enquiries entered by potential customers is facilitated by the possibility to determine the areas and the routes where your company is operating on a regular basis. As soon as a potential customer enters an enquiry matching to your routes or areas, you will receive an automatic email with all details regarding the transport and with the customer´s contact details.

As soon as you book your license, you will be able to use the chosen tools and functions for a period of 30 days. After expiry of your 30 days license you will have the possibility to extend it without any interruption and to continue using the tools and functions as usual. You will also have the choice to carry out an upgrade or a downgrade after each period of 30 days when booking your next license so that you will always have the maximum flexibility.

Should you notice that you cannot benefit from our service as expected, you will have the possibility to cancel the license agreement within 14 days after the activation of your account. You will just need to send us a short email and you will be refunded the amount paid shortly.