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Our strategy is a service that is based on the conviction that the quality should be the main focus when making business decisions rather than merely comparing the prices and choosing the offer with the lowest one.
This is the reason why the offers sent by your company to potential customers can only be seen by you and the customer. The prices will not be displayed publicly. The only information which can be seen by anyone is the number of offers each customer receives which is meant to stabilize the balance between specific transport orders and the number of offers made.

This platform has not been created to ask the transport companies to undercut each other by the prices of their offers. Instead its purpose is to bring together customers who are looking for someone who can carry out their specific auto transports and suitable vehicle transport companies who can offer a good service at reasonable prices through which eventually the customer benefits as well. Due to the broad variety and specific conditions of the transport orders placed on, every company registered finds their customers being specialised on a specific type of transport.

You can quickly register as a transport company, book your license and directly send offers to matching transport orders. When booking the premium license, you will receive matching transport enquiries immediately via email as soon as they are entered by the customers.

As we are continuously trying to improve our web page, we would very much appriciate any comments and suggestions for improvement. We will carefully consider them and will take every effort to provide the best possible service.