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You are going to transport your vehicle and are looking for a transport company that can carry out the transport for you? Here we have summed up the functioning of our portal:

In order to receive an offer from the forwarding agencies, you will need to provide them with some information regarding the transport. The most relevant are the type of your vehicle, the transport route and the mode of transport desired. Basically you can make your enquiry either by telephone, via email or by directly entering it into our online portal for free. There are two reasons why we would recommend you to just enter your transport enquiry online directly. First, many transport companies do only accept written enquiries either by email or through their own forms which they provide on their web pages. Second, you will save a lot of time as you will not have to call or email to every single company which might be able to transport your vehicle.

You just need to enter your transport enquiry in our portal. You will then receive matching offers from registered transport companies which will be able to transport your vehicle according to your needs. Just go to the home page and choose the type of your vehicle and the mode of transport required. You will be forwarded to the next page where you can indicate the place of loading and the place of destination by either entering the places and the post codes or by clicking on the places in the map.

As soon as you determine the two places, the system will calculate the length of the transport route as well as an estimated price which will only serve for your orientation. This price always refers to the lowest costs possible to carry out a transport. Therefore it might strongly vary if there are additional circumstances which would be needed to be taken into account. If you like your vehicle to be transported by a closed carrier rather than by an open one, the price will increase accordingly. Other factors that may influence the price are, for instance, the insurance coverage or the period of time within which your vehicle should be transported.

However, you can also indicate the maximum price which you would be prepared to pay so that only the companies, that can carry out the transport for you at that price, will send you their offers. If you are not too familiar with the transporting industry, we would suggest to leave the calculation of the price to the forwarders who will be able to explain the specific transport costs in detail.

After indicating the date of loading and the date of delivery requested, you will need to enter the make and the type of the car and to indicate whether the car is functioning or defective. Now you only will need to enter your email address and, if you wish, your telephone number in order to be able to receive some matching offers from the transport companies. Your details will be only used by the registered companies for the sole purpose of designing and sending you transport offers.

That´s it! As soon as you finish your transport enquiry, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with a link to administrate your details.

Alternatively you can also browse through the different companies profiles registered in our portal and contact them yourself. You will find the list by clicking on the button "Shipping companies" which is at the bottom of the page in the left block.

Please note that we ourselves do not carry out any transports. Our service is limited to providing this platform for you to quickly receive some matching offers for the transport of your vehicle. Therefore we cannot calculate or estimate any prices for your specific transport. You will receive all the relevant information from the transport companies registered.

These are some factors which play a major role and have a direct impact on the transport price:

- Number of vehicles
- Mode of transport and conditions (e.g. open or closed transport)
- Insurance
- Rapidity of transport
- Special transport of a single vehicle or transport as a load on the return trip
- Transport within the EU or transport outside the EU involving customs clearance
- In many countries you need to take into consideration toll fees

Put your car transport enquiry online quickly and easily and get concrete offers from registered transport companies for free and without engagement.

Here a short explanation of how it works:

The easiest way to get interesting offers from transport companies is to put your transport enquiry online. Just enter the basic information of your transport such as place of pickup and place of destination and the key data of your vehicle. The more information you provide the better.

Sobald Sie Ihre Transportanfrage online stellen, werden passende Transportunternehmen sofort benachrichtigt. Sie erhalten darauf hin in der Regel mehrere Angebote aus denen Sie das beste auswählen können. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Transportpreis von mehreren Faktoren abhängig ist. Es kommt z.B. darauf an, wie viele Fahrzeuge Sie transportieren möchten. So kann der Preis für ein Fahrzeug für eine bestimmte Strecke 1000,00 € betragen, wobei der Transport mehrerer Fahrzeuge für dieselbe Strecke nur etwa 20 - 30 % mehr kosten könnte.Bei einer Rückfahrt kann der Transportpreis ebenfalls nur einen Bruchteil des Preises betragen, den Sie bezahlen müssten, wenn ein gesonderter Transport organisiert werden müsste. Bei interkontinentalen Transporten kommt es auch auf die genaue Anzahl der Fahrzeuge an, da in der Regel drei Fahrzeuge in einen Container passen. Wie Sie sehen, spielen eine Menge Faktoren eine Rolle bei dem Transportpreis. Wie bei allem ist billig natürlich auch beim Fahrzeugtransport nicht immer gut. Hier kommt es oft auch auf die Geschwindigkeit und die Qualität des Transports an.

Lassen Sie sich einfach von den Transportunternehmen Angebote zukommen und wählen Sie das Beste davon aus.

Informieren Sie sich über die Transportfirmen auf deren Webseiten, auf Facebook oder auf Google Plus.

Schließich entscheiden Sie sich für eine Firma und beauftragen diese mit dem Transport. Das war´s schon. Ihre Transportanfrage ist unverbindlich und kostenlos.