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Modes of vehicle transport

Here we have briefly summarised an overview of the modes of vehicle transport for you. We recommend you to leave the details to the transport companies as they have a lot of experience and therefore will be able to let you know what would be the best possibility in your case.

There are many different ways in which a vehicle can be transported. The transport of vehicles can be categorised in four main modes which are by air, by sea, by rail and by road.

In terms of vehicle transportation, the mode of transport by air is very rare as it is very expensive. Therefore it would only make sense if a vehicle of very high quality should be transported very quickly.
In intercontinental transport the common mode of transport is by sea. There are two main advantages which make it very effective; it is cheap and the loading capacity is enormous.
If there are a lot of vehicles which have to be tranported over land at the same time, then the transport by rail is certainly the most adequate one.
When transporting a vehicle by road, there are two different common ways of moving it, either directly by a driver or by an auto trailer which can be opened or enclosed. If expensive vehicles are concerned, it is strongly recommonded to pay a little more for an enclosed one.
As mentioned at the beginning already, if yourself are not sure about which mode or which specific way is the best one in your case, just leave this decision to the forwarding agencies and let them know what is really important for you, e.g. a deadline of delivery, etc.