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Once you have made an enquiry, you will be contacted by different shipping companies who will make offers.

Before taking any decision it is recommended to gather some information about the different companies focusing on the chief requirements which should be absolutely met. One important criteria are apparently the languages which are spoken by the companies´staff facilitating effective communication. Another aspect that may play a significant role is the companies´experience. Although the amount of years is not a direct indicator of the quality of the service a company provides, you should consider that it illustrates that the company has been successful over the recent years if not even decades which implies that the company has probably been able to meet its customers´requirements.

After having limited the range of potential companies which appear to be able to carry out the transport of your vehicle, you should now concentrate on certain aspects in a bit more detail. One of the most significant aspects is the mode of transport the company is planning to use in order to move your vehicle, e.g. road, railway, etc.
Another important aspect is the period of time the shipping company is going to need until your vehicle will reach its place of destination. Experienced shipping agencies will be able to set a quite precise time frame in advance.
Depending on the individual firm you should have the possibility to partially co-design the exact process of transport.

Finally, it will also be the price which will play a decisive role when placing a firm order with a certain forwarding agency. However, it is suggested not to focus on the price only as the main factors involved in a vehicle transport should be above all reliability, security and the duration of the entire procedure which may vary greatly in terms of quality depending on the organisation contracted.
Beside the amount which you would need to pay, it is also important to agree on an appropriate mode of payment.

When having chosen a determined forwarding agent, you should absolutely consider some specific factors regarding the handling of the transport. One of the major aspects is the identification of the actual state of the vehicle, i.e. is there any damage or are there any scratches and so on. For that purpose it is indispensable to record all visible defects and scratches and to take some photos of the vehicle when handing it over to the carrier. In order to do that as precisely as possible the vehicle should be given a good wash. This aspect should be, of course, also be considered when a vehicle is delivered to you, especially if you have no possibility to view it yourself which often takes place when purchasing a vehicle online. In that case you should make sure that the carrier carries out this task for you when loading the vehicle. Moreover it is very important to ensure that the vehicle can be moved by the carrier without any problems if it is, for instance, defective. If this is the case, you should also arrange a tow rope.
Another major issue which needs to be clarified is the handing over of the documents and the keys of the vehicle.

In order to make sure that your vehicle will be transported according to your requirements, especially when an international transport is involved, you should clarify all your requests in advance. For that purpose it is very useful to make up a list for the forwarding agency so that it is aware of what is really important for you. If a third country (non-member state of the EU) is involved, a major role does also play the customs clearance. Then it is vital to clarify who should bear the responsibility for it.

Another important point which should be considered is an appropriate insurance which has to be taken out for the transport. You should carefully look on what exactly the insurance policy offered does cover.

At the end of every transport it is a must-do to closely scrutinise the vehicle just as at the beginning of such an undertaking.