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Tools for shipping companies

Standard license - € 124,95

When booking the standard license you will be able to search suitable transport enquiries on your own which you can turn into orders if you find that you are able to transport the customers´ vehicles to the desired place of destination. This search is supported by an effective filter programme. If you consider a transport enquiry to be manageable, you can directly contact the potential customer and make an offer as you will have access to the customers´ details.
Apart from that you will have the opportunity to present your company to your target group by creating a profile and advertising your service.
As your company will also be listed in the auto transport companies´ list, the potential customers can also browse through it and contact you themselves if they find that your company is the right one to place a transport order with for a specific auto transport.

Premium license - € 174,93

The most efficient tool is the integrated automatic notification system which recognises geographically matching transport enquiries entered by potential customers. You have the possibility to determine certain routes so that you will be informed immediately by e-mail as soon as a potential customer has made an enquiry to transport a vehicle to a place of destination which is located within the radius of 5 to 150 km around your predetermined route. This instant notification system helps you minimise empty trips and through that will increase your company´s efficiency.
The premium license comprises four routes which you can determine. However, the number of such four-packs can be upgraded upon request.

Overview of your advantages

- You always effect payment for the next month only when you actually need your license
- This is not a long-term subscription - there are no further obligations
- You can up- or downgrade your license any time after expiry of your current license.
- Free support regarding the determination of your transport routes
- Access from 4 computers at the same time

Modes of payment

You can effect payment for the license booked comfortably by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. Your invoice will be sent to you by email immediately.

You are not contractually bound on a long-term basis and therefore always stay flexible. If you should feel that you do not need this service during a certain period of time, you just do not book your license for the next month(s). Whenever you need the service, you can just book your next license any time which will be avtivated for 30 days again.

Test the premium license for free for two weeks

You can quickly sign up now and book your license with the desired tools and functions. After activation of your license you have the possibility to cancel the license agreement within 14 days and the complete amount paid will be refunded immediately if you should find that you cannot use this service as expected.

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