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Registration and licenses

Quick and simple registration

Sign up as an auto transport company and enjoy the advantages of this car transport platform in order to obtain more transport orders. When signing up and booking your license, you will be automatically verified by the banks so that you do not need to complete any additional registration forms.

Choose your preferred license just after registering your company. As soon as you book your license, the corresponding tools and functions will be activated directly so that you can start to search and find matching auto transport orders immediately. In addition your own company website with your profile will be activated as well which can be visited by your potential customers. This way you can find interesting transport orders yourself by scrolling through the transport orders list, but also you will be quickly found by your customers.

When creating your profile, you will be able to indicate a variety of important details about your car transport comapny such as the countries and regions in which you operate or your specialisation in the types of vehicles you transport so that your potential customers quickly understand that your company is the right one to carry out their specific transports.

No matter which license you choose, you will be able to directly send your offers to incoming transport orders very easily. When sending an offer, the transport enquirer will automatically receive an email with your offer and a link of your company´s website with your profile and your contact details.

Standard license

If you choose the standard license, you will be able to view the contact details of all transport orders in order to contact the enquirers directly. By just clicking on a transport order you will obtain all the details of the transport such as the type of vehicle and further information.

Find matching auto transport orders quickly by just entering the post code of the place of loading and/or the place of destination into the search box. The corresponding transport matches will be displayed in the list below. You can determine the radius of the search area through the number of digits of the post code that you enter. The more digits you enter the more narrow your search area will get, and vice versa.

Moreover you have the possibility to search matching transport orders by selecting countries and cities. When you find an interesting oder, you can enter the price of your offer into the corresponding mask immediately and send your offer to the customer directly by clicking on the button below.

As soon as you send your order, the customer will receive an automatic email containing your offer as well as your company's contact details. You will of course also get an automatic email confirming the successful submission of your offer. Additionally, a green check mark will be displayed instead of the arrow so that you will be notified about the successful submission of your order instantly at this point already.

You can also send your offers to customers who place their transport enquiries in other languages. Your offers as well as your company's profile and details will be displayed to the customers in their own languages.

In "My Orders" you will have an overview of your submitted offers. Your offers will be saved here so that you will be able to view and amend them whenever you need to do so. If you amend any offer, the customer will receive an automatic update via email.

Premium Licence

Get your premium license in order to be notified about matching orders even faster and to benefit from the possibility to refine your transport order searches even further. Beside all standard licence functions you will be able to create your own automatic and individual search orders by defining relevant areas and routes permanently including your preferred radius. As soon as a matching car transport order is placed by a potential customer, you will instantly receive all transport specifications as well as the customer's contact details via email. This way you will always be up to date about all relevant transport orders, no matter where you are, and you will be able to send your offers immediately from your pc, tablet or smartphone.

As shown in the picture on the left hand, you can for example permanently define the search area of relevant transport orders by determining the radius in order to only receive notifications about orders within your radius. You can even further refine your search order by defining a different radius of the place of loading from the radius of the place of destination. In our example we have chosen a place of loading with a radius of 50 km (green) and a place of destination with a radius of 70 km (yellow).

You can of course also define the radius of any relevant routes in combination with the radius of the place of loading and the radius of the place of destination as described in the previous example. In this example, for the transport route Berlin-Leipzig, we have chosen a radius of 50 km for the place of loading (green) and a radius of 70 km for the place of destination (yellow).

By the way, the radius can be expanded to up to 1000 km so that you can cover wide search areas with just a couple of search orders if needed. As soon as a matching car transport order is placed within the defined areas, you will instantly receive an automatic email with the customer's contact details in order to either contact the customer for further questions, if needed, or to submit your offer immediately.

In this picture you can see the previously defined and saved route Berlin-Leipzig with the status of being "active" in the bar at the top. In the map you can also see the new search order with the route Cologne-Hannover which is currently being defined. You can adjust your search orders as often as you like any time. The number of automatic search orders is limited to four. If you like to create more than four search orders, please just send us a short email in order to obtain an individual offer.

Here we have another tip for you: With your premium licence you will also receive those transport orders matching to your search orders that had been placed before you create your search orders, even if they have been cancelled by the customers already which in some cases may occur if customers do not receive a corresponding offer from other car transport companies instantly, for example. This way you can also contact these customers and win their transport orders.


Maximum flexibility with your One-Day-Licence: If you do not wish to book either the standard nor the premium licence at the moment, but have seen some interesting transport orders in the general transport orders list, just book your One-Day-Licence. You can use it from the time of booking including the next entire calendar day.

The One-Day-Licence includes all standard as well as all premium license functions. You will be able to manually screen the list of transport orders and send offers to customers with relevant transport routes. However you will also have the possibility to create two individualized search orders with the relevant areas and routes. If you go for the latter option, you will receive an instant notification of every matching transport order via email including all transport notifications as well as the customer's contact details.

Use your full potential and book your license now.